_____ in cyberspace (2022)


Interactive multimedia installation
On view at the SP/N Gallery from April to May 2022

Read “blank in cyberspace”, ______ in cyberspace is the culmination of ongoing reflection and self-realization for the artist, yo0na (b. 2002). The artist utilizes physical devices as portals or tools through which digital worlds can be accessed. Users are invited to interact with these devices in order to roam around the artist’s virtual gallery—subjecting the user to an act of phygital transmission that is more deeply explored within the gallery’s diegesis. This exploration on the separate yet intertwined conceptions of the Digital (the online realm) and the Physical (our offline world) is used by the artist as a framework through which to understand, remediate, and actualize her lived experiences and the ever-shifting contexts of her identity.

Ultimately, ______ in cyberspace exists as an inherently political—specifically anti-colonial, anti-capitalist, and anti-imperialist—artwork meant to provoke viewers into further reflection on the ever-relevant notion of technosocial becoming as it relates to our present conceptions of individual and communal existence.

Video documentation for the virtual gallery component of _____ in cyberspace, 2022.
where many of yo0na's digital works live.
Created with gaming software platform Unity

[ Original interactive experience to be embedded here soon ]